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Helgekurs med Pelle på Lutsi hestesenter 23-24 aug.

Pelle kommer tilbake til Lutsi hestesenter for å holde helgekurs 23-24 august 2014. Påmelding via linken under, info hos Anne Lene Øysæd eller via facebook her: ... ?ref=br_tf

Comments(1) Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:56 pm by Hanne

Kurs på Lutsi Hestesenter i Sandnes, 22-23. nov

Pelle kommer tilbake til Lutsi og omegn helgen 22-23 oktober 2014. Påmelding via linken nedenfor, info fås hos Anne Lene Øysæd eller på facebook her:

Comments(0) Fri May 30, 2014 5:39 pm by Hanne

Kurs på Lutsi Hestesenter i Sandnes, 18-19 okt

Pelle kommer tilbake til Lutsi for å holde helgekurs den 18-19 oktober 2014. Påmelding her på linken under, mer info får du fra Alle Lene Øysæd, se også facebook:

Comments(0) Fri May 30, 2014 5:36 pm by Hanne

Paradigms- efficiency- efficacy


Some ramblings today. There will hardly be any technical information in this, so if you´re in a hurry to be a bit better, but don´t care rather that much about what you want to be better at, feel free to drop out from this lesson :roll:

A red thread.

In the sort of teaching I do, there is a red thread- the bodies that are being trained should move in the most efficient, and most effective way possible. I do of course not find this way. I actually believe that it is hardly possible to find THE WAY to move. And I am in good company, Müseler for instance, doesn´t even depict "correct" in his book, and goes so far as to show an empty frame. "The uncertainty principle" in quantum physics states that it is impossible to precicely determine both speed and location of for instance a particle- i.e. the more precicely you measure speed, the less precicely you can measure location. I find this is a nice way of describing the difficulty of depicting "correct" riding, both in terms of words and in pictures.
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Comments(0) Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:59 am by Pelle

9 The pitfalls of riding over or behind the vertical

I started this series by stating that the effects of the rollkur is most often misunderstood. And I also started writing because so many people condemn other riders for riding the horse behind the vertical, when they ride the horse over the bit themselves, which may be as harmful for the horse depencing of course on the circumstances.

All in all, what I wish for, is that more riders strive to become better themselves, and stop worrying so much about others. At least we should be ready to inform or help others who ask for help, and not try to press our opinions on others.
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Comments(0) Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:41 am by Hanne

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