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 Innleggets emne: Welcome to the Trollspeilet forum!
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White Lady
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The reason our forum exists, is mainly that our riding pupils and future pupils can get a impression of how we train and teach. Everyone is welcome to become a user and participate in discussions and make their own training diary. Pelle and I are happy to answer questions that you may have. Our idea is that this information exchange may explain our philosophy even better, and maybe help some of you to learn even more.

Nothing in this forum is written in order to critisize anyone, neither directly nor indirectly. Everything written about common errors is in general, and not based to anyone special. All personal attacks in posts will be deleted as soon as possible, regardless of the person who is the target of the critizism, famous or not. Our general philosophy is that everyone has faults, and that it is normal and healthy to struggle, fail, and make a fool out of oneself. We think that no one has the right to judge other people's faults, nor that some faults are more grave than others. It is otherwise easy to think that a fault that one does not have oneself is easy to eliminate. It is not so. If it was easy, people would have done it already.

Our specialty is to help those riders and horses that no-one else can or want to help. That means we have many riders who struggle for a long time on an elementary level. That does not mean we cannot help riders on an advanced level. It only means that we are not embarrassed to help anyone, regardless of their flaws.

So, we have a request: If you would like to join a discussion here at the forum, or wherever there is a discussion: Do not ridicule or criticize other people's faults. Everybody has faults, and Hanne and Pelle who owns Trollspeilet have also many faults. To continuously work on correct movement does not mean flawlessness or perfection. The hunt for perfection and flawlessness will only lead to quarrels, performance anxiety, and paranoia. Accepting other people's faults and being generous will make it easier to struggle and gradually eliminate faults and delvelop quality.

That is the reason why we are writing public training diaries. And that is the reason why we every day dare to publish our own faults and weaknesses, even though we know many people are just waiting to find something to pick on. Somebody has to be the first to turn a trend like that. Would you like to be one of them?


Paradox is a pointer telling you to look beyond it. If paradoxes bother you, that betrays your deep desire for absolutes. The relativist treats a paradox merely as interesting, perhaps amusing or even, dreadful thought, educational.

Frank Herbert.

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