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 Post subject: It's raining again.
PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:34 am 
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The Norwegian summer is something else. Many people from other countries don't think we have summers at all, but we have. A shorter and more intense one than most. But quite often a rather wet one. At least in July, where most people curiously enough place their holidays.

I thoroughly understand everyone that is very frustrated with this. Many people spend almost their entire lifes under roof, and only get to see the sunlight on their way to and from work and in their holidays. In Norway, the winter day is so short that these people actually do not see the sun for whole weeks at a time during half of the year. Still, we have this urge in us to get out into the great outdoors every time we have a chance, only to realize that it's raining. Again. One might end up thinking that the sun never shines, og that summer is wasted, it didn't happen, it was over before it began.

I have lived that life for a great chunk of my life. I thought so myself. But now, as I am outdoors all the time, or at least whenever I would like to and have to, I see things differently. The weather is rougher than I thought, but it is also much nicer. It is just weather. And, as a farmer, I am very grateful for the rain, since it saves me the impossible task of watering all my land.

How can that be, that I am outdoors all the time, and the weather feels nicer? I have no trouble with the rain. Apart from maybe some November days, when the mud, icy rain and dark, short days becomes overwhelming. It is because I can regulate my work so that it fits a great deal with the weather. I get up early and go out. I see the sunrise and the sunset if I like to. I get the drizzle over my raincoat when I am instructing. I realize how snug you can get inside a warm coat and functional wellington boots. And funny thing, the next moment, the sun is out again.

It is all about not giving up, just because it is raining right now. When I was living in a flat in the center of Oslo, my whole Sunday out was ruined if one rain shower came, for I had to hurry home to get into shelter. I was living my whole life under one roof or another. I was a stranger to mother nature. No wonder the weather was always bad. The sun always shines on TV. Yes, beacuse that is where you look for it.

We end up with yearning for the "perfect weather" and a perfect life, and of course this does not exist. So we find ourselves malcontent and looking forwards to something that will never come. And if it comes, that sunny summer day, it is full of flies, too warm to train, the grass is too dry, and there are ants on your sandwich.

We are not made to function in a sterile environment. But we bring ourselves up in one. And we become strangers to ourselves. And to Nature. Which is more or less the same, as we are a bit of nature as well. Logical of course, but I do not think we modern humans really understand this. We are so technical and so aloof that we really believe ourselves to be beyond nature. We need no gods, we have invented antibiotics. That means we need no nature. We can do without it, thankyouverymuch. It's full of ants, bacteria and horses that run faster than us. We must tame it. We have tamed it. We are our own gods.

But the only thing we tame, is ourselves. And the odd horse that we manage to subdue with tricks and halters. And carrots. We even breed dogs that are so crippled that we manage to cope with them without challenging our fear of conflict. We stay married as long as we can without challenging all the hidden conflicts in the relationship, and instead of going into and solving the conflict, we find another spouse.

Facebook is full of posters stating things like "life is not about avoiding the storm, it is about learning to dance in the rain". But we are not. We are continuing crippling ourselves and our animals, refusing to believe that we can become able to dance with the horses instead of trick training or restraining them to crawl with us in our own, fearful, passive-aggressive pace. And we are our own gods. Puny gods.

I realize that I am talking to the happy few here now, because not many will understand what I am talking about. But I will take the risk, because some of you do, and because some of you will. Now, or in the future.

Get out there and understand. Before you find the god in nature, you will not find it in yourself.


Paradox is a pointer telling you to look beyond it. If paradoxes bother you, that betrays your deep desire for absolutes. The relativist treats a paradox merely as interesting, perhaps amusing or even, dreadful thought, educational.

Frank Herbert.

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