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 Post subject: Pain is your friend
PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:30 pm 
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Modern day people are afraid of pain. We think it is natural to be afraid of pain. But it is not.

I remember reading about North American indian tribes with sundance rituals, where they hanged themselfes up in ropes fastened in slits in their pectoral skin. If you were able to hang there without complaining until the skin broke and you fell down, you were considered a man.

In modern day western society pain is considered something unnecessary and unwanted. We have our methods. To take away everything cumbersome and distressing. And pain is.

But Nature has given us the gift of pain. Why is that? It is often very useful to ask oneself that question: WHY?

Is it because the plains indians of the west were primitive that they went through this ritual before they were considered grown up? Were they leaders sadists? Poor young braves, they should not be forced to go through such a barbarous ritual. Imagine how bad it must feel. How painful. How awful to not be able to suffer it, and feel left out of the tribe's society.

Shall we look at pain from an other side for a moment? Many women that have born children the natural way tell a story of how they felt that they learned something new about their own powers when bringing their child to this world. How they were able to ride the waves of pain and get through to the promised land of their goal, that is receiving their long awaited child?

But there are other practical reasons for the human feeling of pain:

- We feel pain when we do something that is bad for us. We learn by pain. If we are allowed to feel pain when whe are little, we learn quickly to balance, to keep away from the fire, to stop hitting other children over the head, because they will hit back. Or stop moving in an erroneous movement pattern, because it will be painful.
- We feel pain when we grow up. Adolescence is not at all pain free. We suffer mentally, finding our place in this world. Maybe the sundance ritual was a way to conquer the mental pain of growing up? To challenge the pain of understanding ones place in the universe and the "stupidity" of one's parents?
- Training is painful. To become stronger, we have to destroy a bit of ourself. Either a muscle fibre or a neural pattern in pur brain. We are constructed in a way that makes us rebuild and get stronger only after being a little destroyed. Which is often very painful.
- Losing someone you love is often extremely painful mentally. But why shouldn't it? You have lost a loved one. All the fibres in your body that held that person in such a high esteem is now broken, why shouldn't you spend some time paining for the loss of that person? Some say "get over it". I say no. Feel the loss. That person was worth spending some time in pain. It keeps the memory strong.
- And then you have the pain of being strong. To be strong is often to be alone. If you wish to be yourself, you will often find yourself in the midst of enemies. Not because they are evil, but because it is scary to have adversaries. That may feel painful. But that pain will also make you stronger. And more reliable, because you are not dependant on other people's opinions.
- Ultimately, we have the pain of getting hurt in battle. You may have trained and fought your friends, or you may have fought to defend something og someone you love. Was it not worth it? Did you not learn something? Or did you not win something that was worth while?

And yes, you could endure it. Because you got stronger.


Paradox is a pointer telling you to look beyond it. If paradoxes bother you, that betrays your deep desire for absolutes. The relativist treats a paradox merely as interesting, perhaps amusing or even, dreadful thought, educational.

Frank Herbert.

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