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 Post subject: Knowledge as a weapon instead of a way to become better
PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:12 pm 
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Once I started to write on the web to share what I knew about riding. I was an idealist. I knew I had some knowledge about correct movement that had helped me and my horses immensely, and that was very helpful in showing other people how to ride.

I shared some of the tricks I used to see what was wrong, and to know what to change to get a better result. I really thought this could help others and make them happy.

Sometimes I wonder if I was wrong to do this. Often it seems that many people are using this kind of knowledge, gathered from me and from other sources, only to criticize other riders, amd not to become better themselves.

Yes, there are many top competition riders that have faults. As we all have. And I have often used top riders and their faults as examples to show students that this particular fault is not something to copy. We have stopped almost entirely with this practice after so many people have found pleasure in using this knowledge to pester riders that have faults.

We never meant this to happen. We thought we were giving riders ways to improve themselves. Many of you did, and we are happy for that. Happy to be able to help so many solve problems they have struggled with for a long time, perhaps for years.

For riding has never been easy. There are few sports where so tiny faults in your body have such an impact on the final result, and where these faults also influence on another individual, your partner, the horse.

However, we must never become so focused on the faults that we forget to be awesome. We must search for quality, not perfection. Perfection is to eliminate faults, searching for awesomeness is to improve quality.

In a society that is afraid of not being perfect, people will become afraid of trying, just in case somebody sees them doing something wrong. There are strong forces around the world now arguing that we should not ride horses unless we have no faults. That we are cruel to the horses if we ride them when not being perfect. I strongly urge you all to think about what you are doing when contributing to this trend. The horse and the horse society are not profiting from this fear of faults.

And no one ever got better by blaming others for their faults. The only way to become better, is to train. To face one's faults and to work to gain quality. The rules of correct biomechanics are there to help you become better, not to post pictures of dressage riders in a faulty moment. The top competition riders are often extremely good riders with tons of quality, but they have also faults. Problems that they never got help to fix, because there is very few people in this world that are able to help. We know. We are working on these things every day. Helping competition riders fixing these faults, that often come from difficult posture problems in the rider.

The most gratifying work I do is to instruct competition riders. They are ofte very aware of their faults. They have read it in the judges' notes time and time again, but never been able to do anything about them. Pelle and I have specialized in fixing problems like that. We can help them in a surprisingly short time. These riders are hard working. They have no problems with taking instruction. They do whatever I tell them to. And when they feel the change, and how it helps their problem, they just never do that error again.

The only reason why they did not change before, is that nobody was there to help them change, because there is no school teaching that kind of knowledge.

And these people are the ones you criticize openly with names and pictures on the web. You, who have trouble changing your own faults, who get annoyed when being instructed. Who whine and say it is impossible to change, that you are made that way from birth, and that you just have to be left alone continuing your fault. Just because you are not competing.

But we are all riding. And if we follow the logic of perfectionism, none of us should ride. Because we have faults. And faults make troubles for the horse.

But let me tell you one thing. Many studies have proven that the single most efficient factor in training is intensity. Impulsion. This means that if you manage to train in a really energetic way, your body will learn correct movement from it. And many other things that your body needs. Like strength, coordination, agility, stamina, power and metabolic conditioning. So many times problems will go away if you just try. You are meant to learn to be awesome by just doing it. Regardless of your faults, because the faults most often will go away if you just continue.

This is how horses are made, and it is how people are made. Together we learn by just moving with energy and power. But if we are so afraid of doing something wrong, or that somebody will see us doing something wrong, we will not move.

And horses are not happy just eating and resting in a paddock. They are most happy when moving. Please let other people move. Let them ride. Let them make faults, so that you also can make them. And learn. Come to us if you are stuck, but don't stop trying, and don't pester others that struggle, even if they are so good that they are competing.

Forgive others as you yourself will be forgiven.

And if you do, perhaps I will write again.


Paradox is a pointer telling you to look beyond it. If paradoxes bother you, that betrays your deep desire for absolutes. The relativist treats a paradox merely as interesting, perhaps amusing or even, dreadful thought, educational.

Frank Herbert.

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