Summer clinic, dressage and crossfit. July 15-19, 2013
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Author:  Hanne [ Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Summer clinic, dressage and crossfit. July 15-19, 2013


We will host a summer clinic at our farm Eriksbr├ąten in the week of July 15-19, 2013. Our focus this week will be improving riding ability for the participants, mostly with dressage in mind, but suitable for everyone who rides and who wish for more precision in their sport or hobby, and who wish to improve regardless of level. As usual we instruct everyone on an individual basis, so you will work on the stuff you need to improve regardless of who else is attending the same clinic.

- Improved mobility and stability gives you a better seat and more control over your body. And thus also over the horse.
- Precision and accuracy. We help you find out where you are stuck and what you might do to get further progression. Often you will be surprised. If you had known where the problem was, you would have done something to it already. Precision and accuracy is mainly related to the nervous system, and they are rather quickly improved, but at the same time, they are also quickly lost if you don't continue training in the same precise way. Therefor we also wish to help planning your training progression that will help improving both your and the horse's:
- Capacity. By improved capacity we mean that we wish to show you how to make physical changes in your own and the horse's bodies, by building muscles, mobility, stamina and metabolic conditioning. These are more lasting changes, and give a more lasting change in the movement pattern.
- We make a training plan for you to take home and continue training. We do this together, so that you get a plan you believe in, and can actually carry through with. In the clinic, we have nine riding lessons, several body workouts for you and many oportunities to talk, and this gives you a chance to make sufficient changes in your understanding, both physically, coordinationwise and mentally, so that you will be able to continue your training for the rest of the year and make a lasting improvement.

The clinic is organized so that you may bring your own horse. We have guest paddocks for you. If you haven't got your own horse, please talk to us, and we might provide one for you. You will benefit from the clinic whatever riding style and sport you usually train, and whatever type of horse you usually ride. The one who learns is you, and you bring your new skill with you back to your horse, or to your riding school. Skills are always useful.

The price for the clinic is NOK 4500.- A bed in a camping cabin and meals with the family are included. We kindly ask foreign riders to sign up via mail to or via facebook, as the booking system is not yet ready for English.

Hanne and Pelle

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